Can I Travel with My Handyman Tools?

handyman tools

A lot of people can’t seem to spend some time away from their tools of the trade. Whether you’re a handyman or technical person, if you need to bring tools with you when you travel (probably as part of your job or just to satisfy your clinginess to your devices), then you might’ve asked the question above at least once. What is the answer?

Whether you’re traveling via a car, train, boat, or an airplane, you can take a trip with your tools.

Car, Train, and Boat Travel

handyman-tools-bagTraveling with your tools through these vehicles are less strict compared to traveling via an airplane. If you’re using a personal car or boat, then you can bring any handyman gadget with you as long as the vehicle can handle the overall weight. Traveling via a train might be tougher because the security personnel is tougher too. So be sure to pack your tools appropriately and bring your handyman ID or certificate to prove that you really need those tools.

Air Travel


All travelers undergo the same security check. This means whether you’re a handyman or not; whether you need the tools for a job or not, the same rules will still apply to you. All the tools you can’t bring along by air shouldn’t be carried at all, and this isn’t an option. Taking the risk and trying to get through without getting caught are two things you mustn’t do. Otherwise, you’ll be starting a commotion and subject to further questioning.

To be specific, you can’t put the saws, saw blades, and drill you got from in your carry-on bags. You can’t carry knives, pliers, box cutters, and screwdrivers as well. These are all banned from every single airplane cabin. However, you could pack them in the checked luggage. When you pack them, be sure they’re secured so as not to cause any damage to the inspectors who are checking.

handyman tools

Some handyman tools are also subject to weight and size limitations. For instance, hammers, crowbars, axes, hatchets, and cattle prods might not be allowed by an airport because they’re too heavy or too big. Some terminals, however, will enable you to travel with them so long as you let the bag with the tools be checked in.

The rules for the items you can carry-on have been tightened over the course of 10 years, so you have to be careful. You should also check the tools that are prohibited. You can do this by visiting the airport’s website before you pack.

Lastly, remember not to bring any dangerous weapon whether you’re traveling by land, sea, or air.